Training Overview

Law enforcement agencies across the country are becoming smarter about the issue of racial profiling, its impacts on law enforcement and the community, and the inherent risks associated with non-action. Over the past several years, we have worked with agencies across the country to educate and assist them in addressing this issue, and time and again we have heard the same thing – training is desperately needed to help educate, provide context, and develop skills in law enforcement professionals. In response to these concerns, we have developed a suite of training courses designed to assist law enforcement in responding to the issue.

These courses were developed by instructional designers, law enforcement executives and racial profiling experts in the field to specifically address the issue of biased police practices. These are not modified cultural diversity courses. Each course has been carefully selected, using measurable performance objectives, designed specifically to help educate law enforcement professionals on the racial profiling issue. Participants are provided with both the necessary information required to make nonbiased citizen contact decisions, and skills required to effectively communicate with stop contacts while performing their duties. The value added for law enforcement agencies is the fact that our programs are structured to support nationally recommended “best practice” departmental policies regarding nonbiased policing.

In order to provide these courses in a cost efficient manner, we have developed train-the-trainer courses and certification programs to help ensure that the instruction provided is of the highest quality, and will provide the greatest benefit to your department and officers. Please feel free top review our course offerings, and contact us directly at with any questions you may have.