Train the Trainer


We have developed Train-the-Trainer (TTT) programs and instructional materials for all of our courses. While we will send certified instructors to specific site locations, many organizations prefer the option of developing deep skills within the department, and enjoy the flexibility and associated cost savings that may be achieved through the TTT implementation approach.

Our TTT programs are structured towards providing innovative skills and knowledge to existing trainers. These programs are not structured towards developing instructor skills in novice presenters. We feel that to develop strong instructional capability through a TTT program, enough time must be spent reviewing the materials, delving deeply into the topic areas, and reviewing past questions, lessons learned and “tips” from previous instructors.

Our TTT programs begin with a basic presentation of the course. TTT participants receive the course first as a participant, but they are asked to diligently take notes on “first” impressions, and “war stories” from their personal experiences. We feel strongly that analysis of “first” impressions will help an instructor identify how they have perceived the course material, and provide them clues as to how they are likely to relay the information. “War Stories” are excellent tools for any instructor to help clarify and provide importance to concepts being discussed. We encourage all of our instructors to enhance their presentation of the course through use of their own personal “war stories.”

Next a walkthrough review of materials is provided, in which participants discuss their first impressions, review content, and discuss the appropriateness of their “war stories” for the class. The TTT instructor will provide feedback on “first impressions” and on “war stories” to help provide insight to instructors on the potential impacts that these impressions and stories may have on the class. Additionally, the content of the class is discussed in great detail. The content discussion is conducted by reviewing the instructor guides, which are provided to the participants. The instructor guides contain basic course setup information, class navigation tips, and content tips that are not included in participant manuals. TTT participants will spend time discussing and reviewing the more complex sections of the course. The purpose is to help ensure that TTT participants grasp the difficult concepts and are able to fully explain them.

Finally, TTT participants will be asked to teach back sections of the course to the class. The teach backs are comprised of the more difficult sections of the course, and will be reviewed and critiqued by the TTT instructor. TTT participants are evaluated using specific material tests, and on their teach backs.