Having access to the extensive experience Lamberth Consulting possesses in their field of study has allowed us to avoid many of the pitfalls frequently encountered when building the relationships needed to successfully develop the program, and ultimately deal with the results of the study.

– Tom Fitzmaurice, Captain, Redlands PD, California

...a leading expert in the collection and analysis of data associated with profiling.

– Herman Jones, Director of Administration, Kansas Highway Patrol

...Lamberth Consulting’s professionalism will contribute a great deal to the community’s sense of trust over the study’s outcomes.

– Susan Pollay, Former Associate City Administrator, City of Ann Arbor,

The course proved to me that any law enforcement officer can avoid the pitfalls of bias by observing the principles presented in this course.

– Rod Toneye, President, Diversified Training Resources

...Preventing Racial Profiling Practices has become required in-service training for all sworn officers [at Pittsfield PD]

– John W. Phillips, Director of Public Safety, Pittsfield Department of

...an interactive and thought provoking course on a very sensitive and sometimes volatile subject matter.” “Eyes were opened to the concept that perception of members of the community does have to be honest and ethically which helps to forge relationships and establish mutual respect of all parties concerned.

– Anderson Brown, Jr., Commander, Washtenaw County Office of the Sheriff

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