Governments and law enforcement agencies across the country are responding to concerns of racial profiling through the collection of stop data such as race and ethnicity. While an important first step, the data must be compared against a valid benchmark, or a comparison data set against which the stop data can be compared. Assessment best practices call for experienced researchers to conduct the study to ensure that the study is scientifically designed, objectively conducted, and that it will be accepted by law enforcement and communities alike.

We use “point to point” benchmarks or measurements of traffic populations at the specific locations where stops are made. This means that any comparisons of traffic stop data are made directly against the traffic population where the stop was made. This "apples to apples" comparison is the most direct, easiest to understand and most objective method for analyzing stop data. This best practice will provide your agency the most accurate results, and will be best accepted by community stakeholders in your area.

We provide experienced project teams that include law enforcement personnel, statistical expertise and project managers. Our compliment of experience and diverse professional perspective will enable you to:

  • Manage agency personal to help maintain high levels of morale
  • Engage community stakeholders to reduce concerns, and raise awareness and confidence in the agencies actions to address the issue
  • Educate officers and communities on racial profiling myths, facts, and impacts on our society
  • Manage the study to affect positive outcomes in your department and your community


Please take a moment to review our services, or contact us directly to see how we can assist you or researchers in your area to effectively address the issue.