Retail and Private Security

When questions arise regarding treatment of customers and employees, retail and service organizations are required to demonstrate equity through organization policy, procedure and behavior.  Most organizations would agree that these are important goals, but would they know if their staff or operations support biased practices?  Can your organization defend allegations of biased treatment from customers or employees if they arise?  At Lamberth Consulting we work with organizations to measure behavior, provide factual information on employee and customer treatment, and to provide training to ensure that organizations are managing their risk in these areas.  Call us or complete a web response form today to find out more about our range of services, and how we can help you manage these issues.

  • Security and sales associate performance measurement and analysis
  • Needs assessment for security personnel, sales associates and staff
  • Operational reviews and consulting for risk mitigation
  • Litigation support and forensic services
  • Non-bias training courses