Racial Profiling In the News

Senate Strengthens Racial Profiling Law
The state Senate voted Thursday for two key law enforcement bills that would strengthen the state's racial profiling law and protect citizens' rights to videotape police officers in their official duties.

Senate Holds First Racial Profiling Hearing in Post-9/11 Era
WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Senate Judiciary Committee hosted a hearing on racial profiling in the U.S. today, marking the first time the legislative body held an official forum on the issue since before the terror attacks of September 11, 2001. Two panels testified before a...

Drawing attention to racial profiling
In the wake of the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, one woman in the Port City is trying to bring racial profiling into the limelight.

Senate Hearing Examines Racial Profiling
In 2001, President George W. Bush declared that racial profiling is “wrong and we will end it in America.” Eleven years later, in what has been called the nation’s [...]

Legislating An End to Racial Profiling
No one denies – at least openly – that racial profiling is bad practice. The question at hand, and one raised during a Senate Committee hearing on civil and human rights earlier this week, is how to end it. On...

Senate Panel Holds Hearing On Racial Profiling Bill
Civil rights groups are lobbying Congress to put an end to racial profiling, the practice of targeting people because of their race or religion. A bill before Congress aims to do just that. On Tuesday, a Senate Judiciary panel heard from victims, police and lawmakers.

>Racial Profiling Major Fear Among Immigrants Near U.S.-Canada Border
"We're really used to hearing about this stuff on the southern border," said Ada Williams Prince, policy director for One America, an anti-racial profiling organization that released the report with the University of Washington Center for Human Rights.

FOP: Anti-racial profiling act 'offensive' to police
U.S. senators heard contentious testimony on the state of racial profiling in America, the first such hearings since Sept. 11, 2001.

Racial profiling, killings of arrestees by local police increase: study
Deadly police shootings, racial profiling and discriminatory law enforcement are once again in the forefront of national debate. Police killings of unarmed civilians in New Orleans and Seattle have generated local protests and national controversies. Accusations of racial profiling have been lodged against police departments in those and other cities as well as the Maricopa County sheriff's ...

Conn. Senators pass racial profiling bill
Connecticut senators on Thursday approved a bill designed to strengthen Connecticut's anti-racial profiling law by changing how police departments collect and report traffic stop information.