Our Team


Dr. John Lamberth
imageCEO of Lamberth Consulting, Dr. Lamberth has been working as a social psychologist for  over 30 years, and has been consulting for over 20 years. His area of consulting expertise lies in statistics, surveying methodology, and social psychology. He has been qualified as an expert in these areas in State Courts in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Iowa and Virginia and in Federal Courts in New Jersey, Connecticut and Virginia. In 1993 Dr. Lamberth developed the first methodology used in the country to determine whether racial profiling was occurring. In New Jersey v. Soto, the Court relied upon
his research methodology and statistical analysis in determining whether racial profiling occurred on the New Jersey Turnpike. In 1999, the Attorney General of New Jersey agreed that the New Jersey State Police were practicing racial profiling (Interim Report of the State Police Review Team Regarding Allegations of Racial Profiling @ www.state.nj.us/lps/intm_419.pdf ). Since that time he has intensified hiswork in the area of racial profiling, assisting in litigation, and assisting police departments who are interested in voluntarily determining whether racial profiling is occurring in their jurisdictions.
Dr. Lamberth has designed and developed benchmark studies in Wilkens v. Maryland State Police, New Jersey v. Maiolino, Morka v. New Jersey State Police, and Arizona v. Faulk et al.
Jerry Clayton
Vice-President of Training for Lamberth Consulting, Mr. Clayton oversees all training delivery, and regularly instructs Lamberth Consulting’s training courses on Preventing Racial Profiling Practices, and Collecting Stop Data. Mr. Clayton is a certified instructor in Interpersonal Communications, Cultural Diversity, Defensive Tactics, Aerosal Subject Restraint, Firearms, Special Weapons and Tactics, and Direct Supervision and Use of Force Management. He regularly instructs courses (Police, Corrections and D.N.R. academies) for the local community college and other law enforcement agencies. In addition, he frequently provides consulting and training services to the U.S. Department of Justice, National Institute of Corrections, in the areas of Field Training, Officer Program Development, and Training Program Development for agency training directors and coordinators.
Mr. Clayton is a fifteen-year veteran of the Washtenaw County Office of the Sheriff. During his career he has served the agency as a Corrections Officer, Road Patrol Deputy, Shift Sergeant, First Lieutenant and Corrections Division Commander. He is an active S.W.A.T. instructor and team member, and has formerly served as the agency training coordinator and Chief Use of Force instructor.
Dr. Cheryl Rickabaugh
Dr. Rickabaugh provides research services for Lamberth Consulting. Dr. Rickabaugh has been working as a social psychologist for over 15 years. She has taught undergraduate and graduate courses in research methodology, and has worked as a consultant in the areas of program evaluation, research design, and statistical analysis since 1991. Dr. Rickabaugh’s consulting experience includes program evaluation of community-based policing programs, process and summary evaluation for California Superior Courts, and the design and implementation of survey research, interviews, and focus groups. She has also worked as the local researcher and statistical analyst for the Mentor Drug Court/COPS Mentor Drug Court in Redlands, California.