Lamberth Consuting LLC - Certification Programs


Lamberth Consulting provides certification for instructors, individuals and departments. For instructors and individuals, certification is awarded upon the successful completion of specific courses, and demonstration of comprehension of the material. Departments that elect to adopt courses “department-wide” are eligible to achieve certification.

Lamberth Consulting stands behind the quality of its coursework, and provides the following legal (if needed) and training delivery support to certified departments:

  • Legal Strategy. Dr. Lamberth is the nation’s foremost expert on providing legal support on racial profiling in litigation contexts. Lamberth Consulting will provide free initial consultations to certified departments. Lamberth Consulting will also make its services available to certified departments to help with existing or potential cases should the need arise.
  • Expert Testimony. Should the need arise, Lamberth Consulting can provide expert testimony resulting from legal consultation and support.
  • Data Analysis Support. Lamberth Consulting is the nation’s premier provider of data collection analysis programs. Lamberth Consulting will work with certified departments that desire consultation or support on data collection and analysis in a variety of ways:
    • Provide expert advice on developing and running data collection programs to management
    • Help departments setup data collection programs
    • Work with departments directly, or consultant of department’s choice to help them develop data collection and analysis programs
    • Conduct data collection analysis programs

  • Community Presentations. Lamberth Consulting will meet with community interests, to help discuss the issues, and national approaches taken towards addressing this problem.
  • Course Delivery Support. Lamberth Consulting will consult with certified instructors to support delivery. Consultation may include guidance for specific delivery obstacles and tips for enhancing or supplementing course materials.
  • Certified departments are provided material updates as they occur. These updates will be distributed to certified instructors, with suggestions for implementing new information.
  • Certified Instructor’s are automatically enrolled on our “Lessons Learned” and FAQ mailing lists. Every certified instructor is asked to develop a report at the conclusion of his or her course conducts. These reports will include evaluations, lessons learned and Difficult Questions asked. We will distribute Lessons Learned and FAQs on a frequent basis to help support all Certified Instructors.
  • Certified Instructors are also automatically listed on our “Key Instructor’s” network. The purpose of this network is to provide all instructors with an email distribution list, and contact information for certified instructors. Instructors may leverage the email group by posting specific questions, comments or requests.
  • Lamberth Consulting will engage certified departments to customize course materials.