About Us

Lamberth Consulting was formed in 2000 in an effort to provide racial profiling assessment, training, and communication services to universities, states, counties, cities, civil rights groups, litigators, and communities.

Dr. John Lamberth, co-founder of Lamberth Consulting, developed the nation’s first racial profiling methodology in 1993. Since that time, we have revised and adapted our methodology for highways, urban areas, suburban areas, and pedestrian populations. We have expanded our service offerings to include training solutions targeted towards law enforcement and community members, as well as communication planning services to help educate and inform all parties concerned about racial profiling issues.

We incorporate the use of traffic or Point to Point Surveys. These surveys can be performed at a low cost, and provide a much more reliable benchmark against which to compare stop data than census, arrest, drivers license, search or accident data can alone. We have also compiled a team of experienced professionals who have specific experience implementing projects of this nature.

These factors, combined with our reputation for providing objective, quantitative services set us apart, and is why so many organizations look to Lamberth Consulting to assist them in their racial profiling needs. Whether you have a specific need for these services, or are simply looking to learn more about racial profiling, we invite you to explore this site, and contact us at contact@lamberthconsulting.com.