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Lamberth Consulting Provides Methodology for Groundbreaking Study in Moscow

Moscow, 13 June 2006 — A groundbreaking report released today finds that riders on the Moscow Metro who appear non-Slavic are over twenty times more likely to be stopped by police than those who look Slavic. Riders who appear non-Slavic make up less than five percent of all Moscow Metro patrons but account for over half of all people stopped by the Moscow Metro police.The finding is contained in Ethnic Profiling in the Moscow Metro, a new report produced by the Open Society Justice In...

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The Sacramento Police Department Engages Lamberth Consulting to Analyze Officer Stop Practices.

Sacramento, CA – Feb 2006 Lamberth Consulting has been contracted by the Sacramento Police Department to conduct a Data Collection and Benchmarking Service. Lamberth Consulting will identify appropriate benchmarking data and locations throughout Sacramento. This benchmarking will establish the racial and ethnic demographic for any given locality. After completion of the benchmarks, Lamberth will analyze the data and provide a report on the findings to the Department.

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Lamberth Consulting Releases Report for Washington D.C

 December, 2006. An independent study commissioned by the Metropolitan Police Department has found no evidence that MPDC officers engage in racial profiling when conducting traffic stops.The study, designed andconducted by Lamberth Consulting, national experts on racial profiling research, examined data collected at 20 locations throughout the District between February 2005 and January 2006. The final report concluded there was “no evidence of targeting of either Blacks or Hispan...

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